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Saturday, 15 April 2017 18:36

Somalia’s scenario: from chronic failures to Farmajo

FARMAJO is a new president. He had been leveled as nationalist. He has also new political ambitions. There are omnipresent supporters for him. Many of them are patriotic people while others are sympathy seekers. His supports are also including emotionalist and few of them are mob mentality people.

Any way Although the newly elected Somalia’s president had been welcome with open mind, appreciations and celebrations across in and out of the country the Somalia society had a record of humiliating its leaders ,lip off , insulting and seldom assassinating them.

Last president of Somalia Hassan sheikh tried hardly remaining in power but the clan selected members of parliament (CSMP) rid of him and he got a red card after accusing his government as KLEPTOCRACTIC regime.

Nevertheless If you look back the Somalia political evolution from past to the present you realize that All Somalia’s presidents from 1960 until now had been chased, removed from power, defeated, assassinated, impeached and so on) It is a symptom that all Somalia presidents had met this displeasure when they leaving the Somalia presidential place.

In this scenario the big question is how does farmajo behave? Does he follow his predecessors or he will invent a new way and method or he will wait the red card. In the contrary of all Somalia leaders FARMAAJO has unimpeachable popular support although some believe as the social media only not in the politicians.

Howe aver Somalia had a chronic failure of everywhere from social, political, economical and foreign policy. In this regard anyone who came in the Somalia’s highest office he will face what his predecessors had faced. In these chronic letdowns especially in the security in general and Mogadishu the capital the heart land of the country in particular is one of the greatest challenge facing the newly elected cabinet.

There will be challenges everywhere and anywhere and the opportunity for handling this task is in a slim. In the justice, economic, uniting Somalia clan based regional state, making federal as workable one and demilitarizing Somalia ragtag clan rebels are the foreseeable challenge. Its al so important reforming judicial system and ensuring all the cores of human dignity such as, equality, general applicability of the law and protecting Somalia citizens from powers abuse.

In this cashless society which relies on foreign cash one side and electronic money on other side and building Somalia financial institutions and returning some note of money is another challenge.

In pragmatic and diplopic wisdom for the dealing the outside world giving special diplomatic consideration and attention to the front states and zero problems to the world are also another challenge for realizing that tasks. But it’s clear that his domestic success will depend on everything.

In my personal judgment the magnitude of the problem is huge. It must be rational policy with charisma and wisdom plus experience of any work and avoiding running a red led light. Anyhow there is a growing fear about the ability these new elected executive led by the prime minster for handling these crisis. Most of the ministers are Diaspora.

They had been accused as group who had been outside for decades and they haven’t any knowledge about the ground reality in the country. It also there a growing allegations for some ministers have Quick buck mentality and money laundering. If so the prime minister did not aware the menaces of some minister of his cabinet it may be bury one’s head in the sand.

Finally Regardless the president’s staunch supporters ,a music to some one’s ears and political dissent for him, the Somalia scenario, circumstances and reality on the ground tells us that there is no plain remedy and magic bullet for the Somalia’s quarter century of anarchy and calamity.


Researcher, human rights analyst and lecturer of some Mogadishu university

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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