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Cigarettes more dangerous than ever - report

SIGARWASHINGTON - Smoking cigarettes can cause even more health problems than lung cancer, including blindness, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and liver cancer, said a major US government report on Friday.

Somalia Showcases Achievements in HIV/AIDS Awareness

HivFor the first time ever, the Somali National AIDS Commissiona participated in the 17th International Conference on AIDS in Cape Town, South Africa, last month.  With over 7,000 leading scientists, policymakers, government leaders, and people living with HIV/AID in attendance, Somalia was able to showcase their achievements in HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and treatment.
Despite the ongoing conflict in the southern part of Somalia, including differences in Somalia’s three zones, which include, Somaliland, Puntland, and south central Somalia, AIDS commissions representing the three areas came together for Africa’s largest AIDS conference to showcase their achievements in fighting HIV/AIDS, and to focus on continuing to work together on prevention techniques and reducing the stigma attached to the disease.
The International Organization for Migration, IOM, provided technical and financial support to Somalia AIDS commissions for the conference. 
Salma Taher, national program officer for IOM’s Migration Health Division, said that for Somalia to be represented for the first time at such an event was an achievement within itself.  
“Despite the challenges the Somali’s have faced over the past 21 years since the collapse of the Siad Barre regime in 1991, and despite the fact that there are over one million IDP’s in Somalia, HIV research has been ongoing in the country for over a decade," she said."This includes awareness - raising among the key and vulnerable population that are at a higher risk of contracting HIV, as well as among the whole community.”

No one's more shocked than Barkhad Abdi USATODAY

BARKHAD-ABDIThink 12 Years a Slave newcomer Lupita Nyong'o is overwhelmed? Try Barkhad Abdi, a former Minnesota-based Somali limousine driver who answered a Captain Phillips casting call and wound up with an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor on Thursday.

Exclusive: With Muslim Brotherhood crushed, Egypt sets sights on Hamas

hamasIn early January, Cairo publicly hosted the first conference of a new anti-Hamas youth group called Tamarud, or rebel, the same name used by the Egyptian youth movement that led last year's protests against Mursi.
Members of the Palestinian Tamarud stood with the Palestinian flag wrapped around their necks to highlight what they called Hamas's crimes against activists in Gaza.


ali_samatarWASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a former top official in Somalia who has been ordered to pay Somali torture victims $21 million.

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